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 #113151  by Pjd832
long story short I was outside the us for work for 2 years , last thing I was thinking of was my de ccdw permit…got back last week going through stuff I discovered it expired 5/31/21…went to prothonotary yesterday…couldn’t sweet talk then to make any exceptions based on my work travel etc… have to do the whole process over..so I got printed called the paper yesterday ad going in tomorrow…..

Now my questions ….. So the reference forms from last time question #4 asked if if the reference knew why you were applying options were yes or no if yes explain…..no was the answer ….the new forms reference for question #4 quotes some statue stating the reference must know and provide the reason the applicant is applying… it says personal protection, protection of personal property or both…….seems to me that like a trick question since I believe one is not allowed to defend/protect property…….so is this a way to try and deny people? Get the to say defend property. Or both? And then they deny the permit…..my thought is the proper response is personal protection………as on my portion of the actual application I listed my reason for applying was “protection of self and family outside my home” that and “no” to the old question #4 on the reference form got my permit in my mailbox in 25 calendar days…..

Anyone have any experience in Kent county with the newer reference form?
 #113176  by Boots
Not a trick question; it follows the law.
If you previously had a CCDW you completed the training, right?

If a person with a gun was trying to rob you and you defended yourself; then in court the perp claimed you should not have shot him because he only wanted your property (money and credit cards), should he prevail in court?