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What exactly is New Genesis? Fundamentally, Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis consists of 2 parts: On the 1 hand, the older PSO 2 is revised and moved to another engine PSO2 NGS Meseta; On the flip side, completely new content is published which can be played New Genesis. These occur 1,000 years after the actual story of PSO two and graphically look Far Better

The two parts will utilize the same client and will also overlap. So it should be possible to take your characters and certain content from PSO 2 to New Genesis and vice versa. However, these are purely decorative consequences. All stats have been removed from equipment and in-game money or substances cannot be transferred.

The launch of PSO two New Genesis should happen in June 2021. Both PSO 2 along with the newest variant New Genesis are Free2Play. You fund yourself through a real money shop, in which you will find some useful comfort items like additional bank and inventory spaces, however no direct Pay2Win. Can you start from scratch using New Genesis? Yes, entry is possible without any prior understanding. And this entrance can be really rewarding for MMORPG fans, since Sega has gone other ways with the newest part.

There is currently an open world in which you can meet players. There are also many boss monsters that you fight collectively. Most importantly, PSO 2 New Genesis convinces with its dynamic combat and motion systems. So if you're in the mood for action-packed conflicts against huge bosses buy meseta pso2 ngs, you ought to keep a watch on New Genesis.